Professor R. C. Gupta receives Kenneth O. May Prize

Professor Radha Charan Gupta received the Kenneth O. May Prize for the History of Mathematics at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) on 27 August  2010. Prof. Gupta was chosen for the 2009 prize jointly with Prof. Ivor Grattan-Guinness of UK by the International Commission for the History of Mathematics. Prof. Kim Plofker presented the award.

The Prize is named after the mathematician and historian Kenneth O. May, founder of the International Commission for the History of Mathematics and its journal Historia Mathematica. The prize, instituted in 1989, consists of a bronze medal and is given once in four years in appreciation of a mathematician’s scholarly work in the history of mathematics.

Prof. Gupta’s major contributions in the field include work on the history of development of trigonometry in India. He authored the chapter ‘Historiography of Mathematics in India’ in: Dauben and Scriba (eds.) Writing the History of Mathematics: Its Historical Development, Birkhauser, 2002. He was the President of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of India from 1994 until recently. He also founded the journal Ganita Bharati (meaning “Indian Mathematics”) and has written several articles in the journal. He is also a frequent contributor to the HPM Newsletter (including this issue).


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