Call for papers – TSG 35

The organizing team of Topic Study Group 35 — The history of the teaching and learning of mathematics
for the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12), to be held JULY 8-15, 2012, Coex, Seoul, Korea
has sent the following
Call for papers

Aims of TSG35 at ICME-12
History of mathematics teaching and learning is relatively new as a subject of international attention and research, but it is developing actively and dynamically. It became visible for the first time at ICME 10 in 2004 at Copenhagen, as the TSG29. The success and energy of these activities led to the launching of the first international journal devoted to this field of study, the International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education, which has been published since 2006. History of mathematics education then became a subject in various international meetings, for instance at the ESU-5 in Prague in 2007, ESU-6 in Vienna in 2010, and at the CERME meetings. During the TSG38 at ICME-11 in Monterrey, research into this subject proved its productivity again, with papers presented on the history of the reform movements, on the analysis of classical textbooks, and on historical practice (inside and outside institutions). Recently, the first specialized international research symposium took place, in Iceland, and emphasized methodological issues.
On the occasion of ICME-10, a first international bibliography of research in the field was prepared.

The bibliography is now retrievable at the following address:
This bibliography outlined streams in research: transmission and socio-cultural reform movements; aspects of teaching practice (textbooks, methods, teacher professionalization); cultural, social and political functions of mathematics instruction; and comparative studies.
Possible themes to be treated are HISTORY of:

  • changes of curricula in the various countries
  • changes of mathematics education as a professional independent discipline
  • the cultural and social role of mathematics
  • policies in teacher education
  • changes and roles of teachers’ associations
  • the situation of journals on mathematics education
  • the role of textbooks in the teaching and learning of mathematics
  • general trends in the organizing of the lesson
  • the overall impact of digital technologies in the learning and teaching of mathematics
  • treatment of particular topics (geometry, algebra, etc.)
  • interdisciplinarity and contexts
  • reforms movements
  • methods

Organization of the TSG35
At ICME-12, the TSGs will have four one and a half hour timeslots at their disposal. This makes TSGs the prime forum for participation.
On the website of ICME-12 it will be possible to follow the planning process and eventually access all relevant documents including the timetable for TSG= sessions. Participants who would like to present papers in TSG35 are requested to communicate with the team chairs. The TSG teams are responsible for establishing a scheme for paper presentation by distribution. Proposals for contributions should be put forward no later than November 1, 2011. If the proposal is accepted, the final draft should be submitted through on-line no later than April 10, 2102.

To join the group:
The organizing team welcomes significant contributions related to the topics outlined here and to other related issues. Participants are requested to submit a paper to the two team chairs not later than November 1, 2011 via e-mails. The length of the paper should be between 1500 and 2000 words.

Team chairs:
Brito Arlete De Jesus (Brazil) (
Furinghetti Fulvia (

Team Members:
Ackerberg-Hastings Amy K. (USA) (
Bjarnadóttir Kristín (Iceland) (
Young Ok Kim (South Korea) (

Barbin Evelyne (France) (

For general congress information
Information about the group is published at the conference site.

Deadline Summary
November 1, 2011 Proposal submission
January15, 2012 Notification of acceptance
April 10, 2012 Submission of Final Draft


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