Call for papers – TSG 20

Topic Study Group 20: The role of history of mathematics in mathematics education
12th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-12)
July 8-15, 2012, COEX, Seoul, Korea:

The aim of TSG 20 is to provide a forum for participants to analyse issues related to the introduction of a historical dimension in mathematics education. The introduction of such a dimension involves three different areas: mathematics, history, and didactics (i.e. maths education). This TSG aims to find and elaborate on a harmonious, balanced and effective interrelationship among these three scientific areas in a way that is enlightening and fruitful in mathematics education. It is expected that participants will share their ideas and classroom experience in connection with the following main issues:

  1. Theoretical and/or conceptual frameworks for including history in mathematics education;
  2. The role of the history of mathematics in pre- and in-service teacher education;
  3. The role of the history of mathematics at school;
  4. Original sources in the classroom, and their educational effects; or
  5. Design and/or assessment of teaching/learning materials on using history in mathematics education.

How to contribute

The first version of submissions can be a short proposal of at most 3 pages, clearly indicating the aims and the nature of the work, synthesizing its content and results; a short list of references is expected. The organizers of TSG 20 welcome proposals from both researchers and practitioners, and encourage contributions from all countries. Submissions are to be written in English, but the command of that language will not be a key element when assessing the papers.

The short proposals will be reviewed by the team organisers. The proposals should

  • clearly be related to one of the five above-mentioned sub-themes, and
  • display a reasonable degree of expertise in at least one of the two disciplines “history of mathematics” and “didactics of mathematics / mathematics education”.

At any rate, a well-grounded small-scale experience will be preferred to a mere display of zeal.
The accepted contributions will be presented either as oral presentations or as posters, in one of the four 1.5-hour timeslots of the TSG.

Important dates

By November 1, 2011, the first versions should be submitted on-line through the Conference website AND sent by e-mail to the two TSG chairpersons (Renaud Chorlay, Wann-Sheng Horng). Files in .docx, .doc, and .pdf formats are accepted.

January 15, 2012: notification of status for the proposals.

Final versions of accepted submissions should be sent by April 10, 2012. For the oral presentations, a written text of at most 10 pages is expected. Guidelines should soon be available on the Conference website.

Organizing team of TSG 20


Renaud Chorlay (France) (
Wann-Sheng Horng (Taiwan) (

Team Members:

Hyewon Chang (Korea) (
Kathy Clark (USA) (
Abdellah El Idrissi(Morocco) ( or (
Manfred Kronfellner (Austria) (


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