Second Announcement for HPM 2012

The second announcement of HPM2012 is now available.

Some highlights:
4. Invited speakers

  • Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen (Denmark): “Uses of history for the learning of and about mathematics:
    towards a theoretical framework for integrating history of mathematics in mathematics education.”

  • Tsang-Yi Lin (Taiwan): “Using History of Mathematics in High School Classroom: Some
    Experiments in Taiwan. ”

  • Janet Barnett (USA): “Bottled at the Source: The Design and Implementation of Classroom
    Projects for Learning Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources.”

  • Dominique Tournès (France): “Mathematics of the 19th century engineers: methods and
    instruments .”

  • Ubiratan d’Ambrosio (Brazil): “Mind and Hand: the complexity and diversity of mathematics in
    different cultural environments.”

  • Johan Prytz (Sweden): “Social structures in mathematics education. Researching the history of
    mathematics education with theories and methods from sociology of education.”

  • Sung Sa Hong (Korea): “Theory of Equations in the history of Chosun Mathematics.”

5. Panels

  • Panel 1: “Why do we require a “history of mathematics” course for mathematics teacher
    candidates?”: Kathleen Clark (USA) coordinator, Funda Gonulates (Turkey), Maria Rosa Massa
    (Spain), Frédéric Métin (France).

  • Panel 2: “Empirical research on history in mathematics education: future challenges for our field”:
    Uffe Thomas Jankvist (Denmark) coordinator, Yi-Wen Su (Taiwan), Isoda Masami (Japan), David
    Pengelley (USA).

8. Submission of proposals
• Oral presentations and Workshops
30 November 2011: deadline for submitting Abstracts
31 December 2011: notification of acceptance
• Posters and Exhibitions
31 December 2011: deadline for submitting Abstracts
31 January 2012: notification of acceptance

See the full Second Announcement for more information.


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