Call for papers for Discussion Group 5 at ICME12

Discussion Group 5 at the ICME12 to be held in Korea in July, 2012, has been titled “Uses of History of Mathematics in School (pupils aged 6 – 13)”. We invite you to take part in this discussion group. These discussion groups take as their starting points the key questions that the discussion group teams have set up in advance, as well as the papers that participants have sent in and that have been accepted. The actual discussions at the congress are allocated two 90-minute slots.

The key questions of this group are

  1. Which ideas from HPM can be used with children (aged 6-13) in such a way that produces a god result(e.g. improved student engagement, positively impacted student learning)?
  2. What would be criteria for finding, developing and selecting materials to be used with children (aged 6-13)?
  3. How does the HPM community in particular (and mathematics education community more broadly) assure that high quality material that cover a variety of topic are produced and shared?

For more information on the group, including some background information, see

We invite papers for the discussion group. These need not be long, but should contribute to the discussion by either providing (justified) opinions on these questions or describe examples of good (or bad) practice which could inform the discussions.

For proposing a paper, please send to the two DG co-chairs by February 15th, 2012. Information about the acceptance of paper will be available by March 31st, 2012.
Papers should be maximum 1500 words and be written in English.

Bjørn Smestad (Norway) bjorn.smestad at
Funda Gonulates (USA/Turkey) fgonulates at
Team Members:
Narges Assarzadegan (Iran) narges.assarzadegan at
Kathleen Clark (USA) kclark at
Konstantinos Nikolantonakis (Greece) nikolantonakis at


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