Request for information

Greetings HPM Colleagues!

I have been asked to write a “penultimate chapter” (for the forthcoming two-volume International Handbook of Research in History and Philosophy for Science and Mathematics Teaching) on the ways in which
the history and pedagogy of mathematics occurs in mathematics teacher training around the world (and, for mathematics teacher training at any level, say pupils aged 5 to 18).

Although I am using published articles (e.g., through Educational Studies in Mathematics and other international journals, CERME papers) to locate studies that have been conducted with teacher candidates, I only have the ICMI study from 2000 (Fauvel and van Maanen) to refer to what may be formally (and informally) mandated in such programs around the world.

And, so, here is my request:

Could you briefly describe for me the ways in which history or philosophy of mathematics is included (mandated? required?) in the preparation of mathematics teachers in your country? Is it significantly different than what was reported in the 2000 study? Or, have there been developments that I should capture as part of this chapter? Alternatively, if there is a particular person I could write who has
published on this topic, could you please direct me to them?

If you could please me ( with the information specific to your country and context by 20 March 2012, I would be most appreciative!

Thank you!

Kathy Clark (Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida USA)


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