Announcement of Special Issue
The Use of History of Mathematics to Enhance Undergraduate Mathematics Instruction

Call for Papers

The journal PRIMUS announces a special issue on the use of history of mathematics to enhance the instruction of undergraduate mathematics. Kathleen Clark (Florida State University) and John Thoo (Yuba College) will guest edit the special issue.
The view that history of mathematics enhances the teaching and learning of mathematics is not new, yet publications that provide more than anecdotal descriptions of using history in teaching mathematics remain difficult to find. In the spirit of the main themes of the International Study Group on the Relations between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics (HPM Group), this special issue of PRIMUS seeks to publish both theoretical and empirical studies that significantly add to the literature, providing a collection of research in a single volume as a pedagogical resource.


Manuscript submissions may include one or more of the main themes of the HPM Group (modified with respect to the PRIMUS readership):
(1) theoretical and/or conceptual frameworks for integrating history in mathematics education;
(2) history and epistemology as tools for an interdisciplinary approach in the teaching and learning of mathematics and the sciences;
(3) results of actual classroom experiments in the implementation of history in the teaching of mathematics, both from the cognitive and affective points of view, at the undergraduate level, including pre-service mathematics teacher education;
(4) results from teaching history of mathematics courses for mathematics, mathematics education, or philosophy majors;
(5) ways of integrating original sources in the undergraduate classroom, and their educational effects, preferably with conclusions based on classroom experiments;
(6) design and/or assessment of teaching and learning materials on the history of mathematics;
(7) the exploration of possible analogies and parallelism between the historical development and students’ cognitive development of mathematical ideas;
(8) surveys on the existing uses of history in curriculum, textbooks, and/or classrooms at the undergraduate level.
Although papers dealing with any aspect of incorporating a historical dimension in undergraduate mathematics education are welcome, the editors particularly encourage papers that address one or more of the themes above.
Submissions will be accepted until March 31, 2013. Papers for this special issue should be approximately 10 to 12 pages in length, although there is some flexibility. Supplementary materials, such as appendices and color illustrations, may be published in the online version.
We also extend a call for referees for the special issue, especially those who have some experience with or significant interest in the themes provided.

For more information, please contact:
Special Issue Guest Editors:
Kathleen Clark, (primary contact)
John Thoo,

PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, is a refereed journal published by Taylor and Francis. See for more information.
PRIMUS Editor-in-Chief
Jo Ellis-Monaghan,


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