Special Issue
History and Philosophy of Mathematics in Mathematics Education

Call for Papers

Recent years have seen increasing interest in the role of the history and philosophy of mathematics in the teaching of mathematics at all levels. Although the history and philosophy of mathematics can be thought of as separate domains, they are closely linked to one another, as they are also to more general issues of history, philosophy, and culture.


For this reason, a focused treatment of history and philosophy of mathematics can also enlighten science educators as well as mathematics educators, and, indeed, it is important for those involved in science education to understand how mathematics and its history relates to the teaching of science, and conversely how the teaching and learning of mathematics engages with science.
We therefore invite mathematicians, historians, philosophers, and others who are doing research in the history and philosophy of mathematics and their relation to mathematics education to contribute to this special issue of Science & Education. Both theoretical and empirical studies are welcome.

Examples of topics include:
– The role of history and philosophy of mathematics in teacher training
– Theoretical and/or conceptual frameworks for integrating history and/or philosophy into mathematics education.
– Classroom experiments or teaching materials that implement history or philosophy of mathematics.
– Use of original sources in the classroom and their impact on learning mathematics.
– The historical relationship of mathematics to science and technology, and its philosophical and educational implications.
– Philosophical lessons from ethnomathematics, and ways these can contribute to mathematics education.

Deadline for Submissions:
December 1st 2012

Submissions to:
Choose MATHEMATICS as mss type.

Notification of intention to submit and subject matter is appreciated as it assists coordination and planning of the issue.

Guest Editors, questions and inquiries should be directed to:

Victor J. Katz
Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
University of the District of Columbia
Washington, DC, USA

Uffe Thomas Jankvist
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
Roskilde University
Roskilde, DENMARK

Michael N. Fried
Associate Professor
Graduate Program for Science and Technology Education
Ben-Gurion University
Beersheva, ISRAEL

Stuart Rowlands
Lecturer in Mathematics
University of Plymouth
Plymouth, ENGLAND


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