Third International Conference on the History and Education of Modern Mathematics

September 20-25, 2014
Hangzhou, China

Organized by

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology,Hangzhou; Department of Mathematics, Northwest University, Xi’an

In Association with

REHSEIS (SPHERE), CNRS & University Paris Diderot; Dept of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

Chinese Society for the History of Mathematics

Organization Scientific Committee

* Qu Anjing (Northwest University, Xi’an, China, Co-Chair)

* Tom Archibald (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, Co-Chair)

* Karine Chemla (REHSEIS—SPHERE, CNRS & University Paris Diderot, Paris, France)

* Niccolò Guiccardini (University of Bergamo, Italy)

* Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen (Roskilde University, Copenhagen, Denmark)

* Norbert Schappacher (Université de Strasbourg, France)

* Ueno Kenji (Seki Kowa Institute of Mathematics, Japan)

Local Organizing Committee

Zheng Youqu (Chair), Cen Gang, Tao Xiangxing, Ruan Shiping, Xue Youcai, Qiu Binqiang, Yin Weidong, Wang Wenbin (Zhejiang University of Science and technology, Zhejiang China), Yuan Min (Northwest University, Xi’an, China)


Four days of scientific sessions are planned.

1. Plenary Invited Lectures

Invited lectures will be announced later.


2. Scientific Sessions for Contributed Papers

Parallel sessions will be organized on specific topics.


3. One day sight-seeing


4. Language: English


5. Tentative Schedule

Sept 20, arrival, registration, getting together

Sept 21-24, Scientific program

Sept 25 Sightseeing


6. Topic

 Contemporary Research in the History of Modern Mathematics and Applications to Pedagogy

Research in both the history of mathematics and the applications of history of mathematics to pedagogy have in recent years been enriched by new directions. The results have included new emphases in both disciplines, with diverse and far-reaching consequences. On the side of history, we see a renewed interest in the philosophical issues of various kinds, on the transmission of mathematical knowledge from local settings to global norms, on networks of scholars and networks of texts, on the nature and importance of application in mathematics, and on a reassessment of the importance of computation in all its forms. On the side of education, we see an expansion of the strategic use of history as a tool, going beyond cross-cultural comparison to being an ingredient in various theoretical approaches.

The purpose of the meeting proposed is to assemble senior scholars active in these fields, junior scholars whose work promises to be transformative, and scholars who are ambitious to acquire new approaches while presenting contributed papers on work of their own for comment by their peers.

With a broadly inclusive scope we hope to build on the positive experiences of earlier meeting to continue to build a Chinese and international research community and to build links for the future.

We are deeply convinced that the better understanding of modern mathematical activity that such an approach can yield will be helpful for mathematics education at all levels, and that the presence of researchers with education as a primary focus will enhance this aim.



Registration Fees (Registration covers the book of abstracts, all the conference sessions, including the banquet and all meals. It does not cover accommodation).

Date Participators Students Accompanying
Before June 30







After June 30







Modalities of payment, to be announced later.


Rooms will be available on campus or near the campus. Precise information will be given in the second circular.



Title and Abstract

Please send title of your talk to Dr. Wang Chang:, before 15 April 2014.

We expect that you send the abstract of your paper by email to Dr. Wang Chang:, before 30 June 2014. We accept *.doc and *.txt files.

Webpage and Contact persons

Official webpage will be announced.

Dr. Wang Chang, Northwest University,

Prof. Xue Youcai, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology,


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