HPM Executive Committee

Message from the HPM Chair


I am glad to inform the HPM community about the recent creation of a HPM Executive Committee (ExC). The creation of the ExC will provide HPM with a flexible structure to facilitate the preparation and implementation of the quadrennial HPM meeting and ESU as well as the planning and execution of other HPM activities, along the lines of inputs and recommendations of the Advisory Board (AdB).


Composition of the ExC:

The ExC is composed of the HPM Chair and four members of the AdB.

In order to ensure a convenient flux of information between HPM and the local quadrennial HPM and ESU organizing committees, two additional members from the Organizing local committees will join the ExC, as non-voting liaison members.

The names of the four members of the ExC, approved recently by the AdB, are: Evelyn Barbin, Fulvia Furinghetti, Jan van Maanen, and Costas Tzanakis



The mandate of the ExC is as follows:

  • To consult with the AdB in order to determine themes and plenary and panel speakers for the quadrennial HPM conference and ESU.
  • To decide about the quadrennial HPM and ESU conferences’ locations, themes and speakers.
  • To appoint editorials teams to organize the reviewing process of papers submitted to the quadrennial HPM and ESU meetings and the publication of the Conference Proceedings.
  • To help the Chair with various HPM matters, such as representation of the HPM in conferences, the Newsletter, inclusion of new AdB members, etc.


Duration of the ExC

A new ExC is created with the arrival of a new Chair.


In the 2016 HPM meeting, which will take place in Montpellier, France, the process of electing the Chair and the ExC, as well as the composition of the ExC will be discussed.


I would like to thank Evelyn Barbin, Fulvia Furinghetti, Jan van Maanen, and Costas Tzanakis for accepting to be part of the first HPM ExC.


Luis Radford

Université Laurentienne, Canada


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