HPM sadly notes the passing of…

 Ivor Grattan-Guinness

(1941 – 2014)

 Jim Kiernan

(1949 – 2014)


 Dear colleagues,

As you may know, two scholars well known of our HPM community passed away recently.

Ivor Grattan-Guinness passed away on December 12 2014. Ivor was awarded the Kenneth O. May Medal for services to the History of Mathematics by the International Commission for the History of Mathematics (ICHM) on 31 July 2009, at Budapest, on the occasion of the 23rd International Congress for the History of Science. In 2010, he was elected an Honorary Member of the Bertrand Russell Society.

Jim Kiernan, of Brooklyn College, passed away on December 14, 2014, on his 65th birthday, after a long illness. He was often encountered at meetings such as HPM, JMM, MathFest, ESU, CSHPM, and ICME; served on the advisory board for Convergence ( during its early years; and participated in the construction and testing of teaching modules that resulted from the Institute on the History of Mathematics and its use in Teaching.

The work of these scholars will certainly continue to inspire us in our own work.

Luis Radford

Université Laurentienne, Canada


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