ENHEM 5 – Fifth National School of History and Mathematics Education


November 4-6, 2015, Bogotá, Colombia.

The Fifth National School of History and Mathematics Education (Quinta Escuela Nacional de Historia y Educación Matemática, or, ENHEM 5) took place on the campus of Universidad Externado de Colombia in Bogotá, on 4-6 November 2015.

The conference themes were:

History and Philosophy of Mathematics;

  • History of Mathematics in Latin American countries;
  • The history of mathematics teaching;
  • History of Mathematics in cultural contexts;
  • History of Mathematics in teacher training;
  • History of Mathematics in the teaching and learning of mathematics; and
  • History in mathematics education research.

There were several activities of ENHEM5, including conference plenaries and short courses given by international guests (Gert Schubring, Alejandro Garcíadiego, Sergio Nobre, Kathleen Clark, Analia Bergé, and Carlos Augusto Di Prisco), some 30 lectures by Latin American specialists, 50 short oral communications, and a panel session.

The conference was expertly organized by the committee consisting of:

Luis Recalde, Guillermo Ortiz, Luis Carlos Arboleda, Luz Victoria De la Pava, Ligia Torres, Maribel Anacona, Fernando Gálvez (Universidad de Valle);

Fabio Ortiz (Universidad Externado de Colombia);

Clara Helena Sánchez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia);

Edgar Alberto Guacaneme, Johana Andrea Torres (Universidad Pedagógica Nacional);

Gabriela Arbeláez, Martha Bobadilla (Universidad del Cauca); and

Armando Aroca (Red Latinoamericana de Etnomatemáticas).

The National School of History and Mathematics (ENHEM) takes place every two years; the next takes place in 2017.


Kathy Clark

Florida State University, USA


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